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11.4 CCC files

The CCC (composite character construction) language allows you to define new characters in terms of existing ones. This is useful for building such characters as pre-accented A's (from a piece accent and an `A').

A CCC file consists of a sequence of character definitions, each of which looks like:

define name = statements end

where name is a character name, presumably from the encoding file specified with the `-encoding' option (see section 11.5 Invoking BZRto). See section 5.3.1 Character names, for the details of character names.

We describe the possible statements below.

You may also include comments starting with a `%' character and continuing to the end of the line.

11.4.1 CCC setchar statements  Statements for including a character.
11.4.2 CCC move statements  Statements for moving to a new position.