Get GNU FreeDink!

GNU FreeDink is portable and available from a wide range of operating system. Pick yours:

Packages from porters: PSP, AmigaOS4, OpenPandora, XBox

Here are ports from earlier versions of GNU FreeDink.

PSP - PlayStation Portable

Here's the beta version from Sylvain Beucler.

You can discuss it on the forum.

To run FreeDink on PSP, you need to disable the "tivoization" that restrict you from running your programs on your hardware: indeed, by default a PSP only runs programs that are signed by Sony.

(This is possible for PSP 1000 "Fat" and PSP 2000 "Slim&Lite" only.)

More information...


Check HunoPPC's port at:


Check this unofficial port at: (We have no porter contact info about this one.)


There used to be an unofficial port, called "xDink" and made by "A600", at: this forum (at

MS Windows or MS Woe

(Why "woe"?)

New user: Download the all-in-one installer.

Dink 1.08 user: install these in your Dink directory:


Well, you can't install the applications you want on iphone/ipad: the only way to distribute an application to those platforms is through their "AppStore" system.

However, "AppStore" is moderated by Apple, which may or may not accept us, and can kick us out at any moment . Their terms of service prevent developing GPLv3 applications. The "developper agreement" also imposes on us not to share any information about the iPhone OS, which brings legal incertainty to the port as we're sharing the source code (not to mention that we'd have to pay $99/year for it). In addition, you can't install your own modified (bugfixed, improved...) version of a free software app, nor even replace the operating system, hence this is hardly free software / open source development. Oh, and they take 30% of all sales [1] [2] [3] .

In particular, this prevented Seth A. Robinson, the guy behind the original Dink Smallwood game, from using GNU FreeDink for his iPhone port.

Other examples include VLC (a developper requested to fix the TOS) and the GNU Go game that was removed from the App Store: [1] [2]

So take action against the iPhone and the iPad if you want the freedom to run whatever you want on the hardware you own!


Source code

The source code is the "recipe" of the FreeDink engine.

You can use it to recompile FreeDink for your platform, to study how it's made, or to improve upon it.

Check the BUILD file for compilation instructions.

The source code is available from the official releases:

  • freedink-1.* are releases of the game engine.
  • dfarc-3.* are releases of the DFArc3 front-end.
  • freedink-data-1.* are releases of the game data.
  • is a copy of the Dink game data originally released under the zlib license (orig link). Most sounds and musics aren't part of this distribution though, as they could not be relicensed. Our freedink-data package added more music and sounds.
  • previous_attempt/ is the last version of the first SDL port attempt (with initial work by Christoph Reichenbach and Shawn Betts); FreeDink started as a continuation of that work, but since it was a quick port, numerous bugs remained. To ensure we get a port as close to the original as possible, FreeDink eventually restarted from the DirectX sources. It is provided for historical interest, but using it is not recommended.

If you want the very latest source code currently in development, check the project page at GNU Savannah (the free software hosting service) and get it from the source repository.