Get GNU FreeDink -

This page is obsolete, see Get it instead.

Here are pre-release source snapshots for GNU FreeDink, built from the latest version of the Git repository.

The snapshots are easier to compile than when checking out the Git repository directly, because some of the files from the build system are already generated. In particular, you do not need autoconf, automake or gnulib to build these snapshots. is the script used to build the tarballs, for your viewing pleasure :)

The snapshots are not official releases. Don't use them if you're a packager. Check the releases instead.

Give it a try

If you can't wait for the next release, you can try these unstable snapshots:

  • Debian GNU/Linux and Debian-based: add to your sources.list (or Synaptic repositories):
    deb ./
    and install package freedink
    Here's how to add new repositories to your system with Synaptic.
  • Fedora GNU/Linux and Fedora-based (version 8 and onward): add to your yum.conf:

    and install package freedink
  • MS Windows: check the woe snapshots directory and extract the files in your Dink directory.
  • Source code: snapshots/ and Git FreeDink/DFArc (check BUILD for compilation instructions)