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Gothic (Ulfian script)


So the style isn't quite like Times. But...Gothic died out in the early 1700s, was it ever printed? What examples do we have of it, besides the hand-printed bibles?

This is a general question about writing systems that have no printing history. Should one force a style on them to make them like a Latin style? That would be artificial, at least. Maybe it's better to go from a good handrwiting sample (of similar weight and adonment).

Here is some Gothic:

𐌰𐍄𐍄𐌰 𐌿𐌽𐍃𐌰𐍂 𐌸𐌿 𐌹𐌽 𐌷𐌹𐌼𐌹𐌽𐌿𐌽

For the whole Wulfia bible in script see Gothic Bible in Ulfilan Gothic Script

Some other nice fonts are listed here:

Unicode 5 Book explains diacritics, numerals, etc.

Sample picture of Gothic text

Codex Argenteus at Uppsala Universitet

Gothic Online lessons at U. Texas

Translation: The Codex Argenteus Online

Glyphs in FreeSerif taken from George Duros' Analecta font. Based on Wulfia's handwriting. ISO-8859-1 text

Scaled to be of similar size, weight as Serif.