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You are welcome to send bug reports about freetalk to The bugs that you think are of the interest to the public (i.e. more people should be informed about them) can be Cc-ed to the above mailing lists.

Before actually submitting a bug report, please try to follow a few simple guidelines.

  1. Please try to ascertain that the behavior you see really is a bug. If Freetalk crashes, it’s a bug. If freetalk does not behave as documented, it’s a bug. If things work strange, but you are not sure about the way they are supposed to work, it might well be a bug. Don’t predict that there is a Bug try to find it and report.
  2. Try to repeat the bug in as simple circumstances as possible.
  3. Find where the bug is, fix it and send the patches. :) (see Guidelines for submitting a patch)

Send your specific queries to