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4.1 freetalk.scm

Freetalk loads the startup options from ~/.freetalk/freetalk.scm. Right from custom settings like username, password … to complete Scheme programming can be done in this file.

;; Sample ~/.freetalk/freetalk.scm
;; It sets connection parameters and tries to connect on
;; starting freetalk
(and (strings=? (ft-get-jid) "")
                (ft-set-jid! "")
                (ft-set-password! "f00b4r")
                (ft-set-sslconn! 1)
                (ft-set-server! "")
                ;; Proxy support
                (ft-set-proxyserver! "")
                (ft-set-proxyport! "8080"))

All entries in this file freetalk.scm are optional.How ever there is no limit of cutomizing this file using Guile Interface. (see Extension language)