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2.14 Azimuths

The azimuth is defined in GNU Gama as an observed horizontal angle measured from the North to the given target. The true north orientation is measured by gyrotheodolites, mainly in mine surveying. In Gama azimuths’ angle can be measured clockwise or counterclocwise according to the angle orientation defined in <parameters /> tag.

Azimuths are expressed with the following attributes in an empty-element tag <azimuth />

The standard deviation is an optional attribute. However since all observations in the adjustment must have their weights defined, the standard deviation must be given either explicitly with the attribute stdev="…" or implicitly with <points-observation azimuth-stdev="…" > or with a variance-covariance matrix for the given observation set.


<points-observations azimuth-stdev="15.0">

<azimuth from="1"  to=  "2" val= "96.484371" />

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