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7.1 Internal organisation

Gama-local tests are implemented as shell scripts that are stored in gama/tests/gama-local directory. The scripts are generated from corresponding .in files which are stored in gama/tests/gama-local/script directory where are also stored helper C++ programs called by the testing suite scripts. Generating scripts and the build of helper programs is controlled from gama/tests/gama-local/Makefile.am, where a list of testing data files is also defined.

In gama/tests/gama-local directory are also stored detail .log files for all tests together with corresponging .trs (as in Test ReSults) files.

All files generated by the test suite are stored in gama/tests/gama-local/script/2.24 (thus generated files from different versions are not overwritten).

To run selected test individually, go to the directory gama/tests/gama-local and start the test manually

$ cd gama/tests/gama-local
$ ./test-name

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