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4.3 Network SQL definition

Network definitions are stored in the configurations table. This table contains all parameters for each network such as value of a priori reference standard deviation or orientation of the xy orthogonal coordinate system axes.

It is obvious that in one database file can be stored more networks (configurations).

Configuration descriptions (annotation or comments) are stored separately in table descriptions. The description is split to many records because of compatibility with various databases (not all databases implements type TEXT).

Field (attribute) conf_id identifies a configuration in the database. Field conf_name is used to identify configuration outside the database (e.g. parameter in command-line when reading data from database to gama-local).

Table configurations contains all parameters specified in tag <parameters /> (see section Network parameters) and also gama-local command line parameters (see section Program gama-local). The list of all table attributes (parameters) follows.

All fields are mandatory except ellipsoid field. For additional information about handling geodetic systems in gama-local see Tags <gama-local> and <network>.

Example (configuration table contents):

conf_id|conf_name|sigma_apr|conf_pr|tol_abs|sigma_act  |update_cc|...
1      |geodet-pc|10.0     |0.95   |1000.0 |aposteriori|no       |...

... axes_xy|angles      |epoch|algorithm|ang_units|latitude|ellipsoid
... ne     |left-handed|0.0  |svd      |400      |50.0    |

The list of description table attributes follows.

There can be more than one text for one configuration. All texts related to one configuration are concatenated to one description.

Example (description table contents):

1      |1   |Frantisek Charamza: GEODET/PC, ...

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