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B.3.1.3 Testing gawk on PC Operating Systems

Using make to run the standard tests and to install gawk requires additional Unix-like tools, including sh, sed, and cp. In order to run the tests, the test/*.ok files may need to be converted so that they have the usual MS-DOS-style end-of-line markers. Alternatively, run make check CMP="diff -a" to use GNU diff in text mode instead of cmp to compare the resulting files.

Most of the tests work properly with Stewartson’s shell along with the companion utilities or appropriate GNU utilities. However, some editing of test/Makefile is required. It is recommended that you copy the file pc/Makefile.tst over the file test/Makefile as a replacement. Details can be found in README_d/README.pc and in the file pc/Makefile.tst.

On OS/2 the pid test fails because spawnl() is used instead of fork()/execl() to start child processes. Also the mbfw1 and mbprintf1 tests fail because the needed multibyte functionality is not available.