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B.3.2.1 Compiling gawk on VMS

To compile gawk under VMS, there is a DCL command procedure that issues all the necessary CC and LINK commands. There is also a Makefile for use with the MMS utility. From the source directory, use either:




Older versions of gawk could be built with VAX C or GNU C on VAX/VMS, as well as with DEC C, but that is no longer supported. DEC C (also briefly known as “Compaq C” and now known as “HP C,” but referred to here as “DEC C”) is required. Both VMSBUILD.COM and DESCRIP.MMS contain some obsolete support for the older compilers but are set up to use DEC C by default.

gawk has been tested under Alpha/VMS 7.3-1 using Compaq C V6.4, and on Alpha/VMS 7.3, Alpha/VMS 7.3-2, and IA64/VMS 8.3.1


[1] The IA64 architecture is also known as “Itanium.”