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B.3.2.2 Compiling gawk Dynamic Extensions on VMS

The extensions that have been ported to VMS can be built using one of the following commands.

$ MMS/DESCRIPTION=[.vms]descrip.mms extensions


$ MMK/DESCRIPTION=[.vms]descrip.mms extensions

gawk uses AWKLIBPATH as either an environment variable or a logical name to find the dynamic extensions.

Dynamic extensions need to be compiled with the same compiler options for floating point, pointer size, and symbol name handling as were used to compile gawk itself. Alpha and Itanium should use IEEE floating point. The pointer size is 32 bits, and the symbol name handling should be exact case with CRC shortening for symbols longer than 32 bits.

For Alpha and Itanium:


For VAX:


Compile time macros need to be defined before the first VMS-supplied header file is included.

#if (__CRTL_VER >= 70200000) && !defined (__VAX)
#define _LARGEFILE 1

#ifndef __VAX
#ifdef __CRTL_VER
#if __CRTL_VER >= 80200000
#define _USE_STD_STAT 1