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3.1.3 Actual date modifier

It is allowed to use that date —instead of the actual system date— which is defined by the %date command line argument. This means, fixed dates can be checked for any year and are respected in the same way, as if they would be fixed dates of the actual year.

The date must be denoted in one of these formats:

Some examples to this:

Please note:
The following examples assumes the actual system date is Wednesday, the 17th February 1993 (19930217), weeks start on Mondays and ISO week numbers are used!

The yyyy[mm[dd|wwwn]] format:
The yyyy*d|wn[www] format:
The yyyy@e|t|dvar[[+|-]n[www]] format:
The month name[dd] format:
The weekday name[n] format:
The dd format:

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