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Appendix K Coding Scheme

The following coding scheme tables explain the relations between the date part (yyyy…) of a resource file line and the modifiers, the short-style option -c|C[] —which is used for enabling the fixed date feature— respectively the --period-of-fixed-dates=argument long-style option may have, i.e. they point out all possible correspondences. This is necessary because Gcal does not respect all entries found in a resource file if a fixed date argument is given, it respects only those entries which have a definite relation to the fixed date argument to avoid the output of redundant information! See Fixed dates option --period-of-fixed-dates=argument, for further details.

In the date part yyyy…:


represents any year number (00019999).


represents any month number (0112 or 99) respectively any textual short month name with length of 3 characters (Jan, Feb…).


represents any day number (0128, 29, 30, 31 or 99).


represents any textual short weekday name with length of 2…3 characters (MonSun).


represents any case-insensitive single letter.


represents any positive integer number (one or more digits).