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I.3 Table of Obsolete Date Formats

This table opposes all obsolete date format texts as they may be used in the fixed defaults of the country specific date formats of the --date-format option for German users, U.S. american users and users in Great Britain (see Calendar option --date-format=de|us|gb|text), and their new representation, as used by Gcal 3.6 now:

CC Old-style New-style

DE %w, %1%D%2 %b %y == %<2#K, %1%>2*D%2 %<3#U %>04*Y
US %W, %b %1%U%2 %y == %<3#K, %<3#U %1%>2&*D%2 %>04*Y
GB %W, %1%U%2 %b %y == %<3#K, %1%>2&*D%2 %<3#U %>04*Y