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I.1 Table of Obsolete Special Texts

This table opposes all obsolete special texts as they may be used in the text part of a resource file line (see Description of all %?… Special Texts), and their new representation, as used by Gcal 4.1 now:

Symbolic nameOld-styleNew-style
%complete weekday name%o%K
%3-letter weekday name%O%>3#K
%2-letter weekday name%K%>2#K
%weekday number (Mon=1…Sun=7)%S%W
%weekday number (Mon=1…Sun=7) ONS%I%>1&*W
%weekday number (Mon=0…Sun=6) ONS%J%>1&*E
%weekday number (Sun=1…Sat=7)%(%I
%weekday number (Sun=1…Sat=7) ONS%<%>1&*I
%weekday number (Sun=0…Sat=6)%)%J
%weekday number (Sun=0…Sat=6) ONS%>%>1&*J
%weekday number (Mon=1…Sun=7) FLX%[%S
%weekday number (Mon=1…Sun=7) FLX ONS%{%>1&*S
%weekday number (Mon=0…Sun=6) FLX%]%T
%weekday number (Mon=0…Sun=6) FLX ONS%}%>1&*T
%day-of-year number%+%N
%day-of-year number +LZ%*%>03*N
%day-of-year number ONS%&%>1&*N
%day-of-year number +LZ ONS%#%>03&*N
%day number +LZ%N%>02*D
%day number ONS%s%>1&*D
%day number +LZ ONS%u%>02&*D
%complete month name%M%U
%3-letter month name%T%>3#U
%month number%U%M
%month number +LZ%W%>02*M
%month number ONS%z%>1&*M
%month number +LZ ONS%Z%>02&*M
%complete year number +LZ%=%>04*Y
%age value (birthday) number%b%B
%age value (birthday) number ONS%B%>1&*B
%moon phase%-%O
%moon phase +LZ%_%>03*O
%moon phase text graphics image%:%Z


+LZWith leading zero(es)
FLXFlexible starting day of week (see Calendar option --starting-day=argument)
ONSWith Ordinal Number suffix

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