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Environment Variable Index

Here is an alphabetical list of the environment variables checked by Gcal:

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COLUMNS: Global options
COLUMNS: Environment Variables

GCAL: Global options
GCAL: Global options
GCAL: The GCAL environment variable
GCAL: Environment Variables
GCALANSI: Global options
GCALANSI: Environment Variables
GCALPATH: Resource file
GCALPATH: Environment Variables
GCALPROG: Invoking tcal
GCALPROG: Environment Variables
GCAL_COLUMNS: Global options
GCAL_COLUMNS: Environment Variables
GCAL_DATE_FORMAT: Calendar options
GCAL_DATE_FORMAT: Environment Variables
GCAL_LINES: Global options
GCAL_LINES: Environment Variables
GCAL_OPT: The GCAL environment variable
GCAL_OPT: Environment Variables
GCAL_SYS_DATADIR: Resource file
GCAL_SYS_DATADIR: Environment Variables
GCAL_USR_DATADIR: Resource file
GCAL_USR_DATADIR: Environment Variables

HOME: Fixed date options
HOME: Resource file
HOME: Environment Variables

LANG: Internationalization
LANG: Internationalization
LANG: Environment Variables
LANGUAGE: Internationalization
LANGUAGE: Environment Variables
LC_ALL: Internationalization
LC_ALL: Environment Variables
LC_MESSAGES: Internationalization
LC_MESSAGES: Environment Variables
LINES: Global options
LINES: Environment Variables
LOGNAME: Global options
LOGNAME: Environment Variables

MAILPROG: Global options
MAILPROG: Environment Variables
MAILTO: Global options
MAILTO: Environment Variables

PAGER: Global options
PAGER: Environment Variables
PATH: Global options
PATH: Environment Variables

TERM: Global options
TERM: Environment Variables
TXT2GCALPROG: Text variables
TXT2GCALPROG: Environment Variables
TZ: Environment Variables

USER: Global options
USER: Environment Variables

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