GCC Code of Conduct

Like the free software community as a whole, the GCC community is made up of a mixture of professionals and volunteers from all over the world, working on every aspect of the project - including mentorship, teaching, and connecting people.

Diversity is a huge strength, but it can also lead to communication issues and unhappiness. To that end, we have a few ground rules that we ask people to adhere to. This code applies equally to leaders, maintainers, and those seeking help and guidance.

This isn't an exhaustive list of things that you can or can't do. Rather, take it in the spirit in which it's intended - a guide to make it easier to enrich all of us, the project, and the broader communities in which we participate.

This code of conduct applies to all spaces managed by the GCC project. This includes IRC, the mailing lists, the issue tracker, events, and any other forums created by the project team which the community uses for communication. In addition, violations of this code outside these spaces (though still in the context of GCC) may affect a person's ability to participate within them.

See the GNU Kind Communications Guidelines for more guidance on constructive interactions.

If you believe someone is violating the code of conduct, we ask that you report it by emailing conduct@gcc.gnu.org. For more details please see our Reporting Guidelines.

Code of Conduct Committee

The Code of Conduct Committee, and the formal reporting and response procedures, are not yet fully established. For the time being, conduct@gcc.gnu.org will go to some members of the Steering Committee. If you are interested in serving on the CoC committee, or would like to suggest someone who you think would be a good candidate, please email conduct@gcc.gnu.org.


If you have questions, please see the FAQ. If that doesn't answer your questions, feel free to contact us.

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Text derived from the Django project Code of Conduct, used under the Creative Commons Attribution license.