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What is it?

We've written a front end to the GCC compiler which can natively compile both Javatm source and bytecode files. The compiler can also generate class files. This new front end is integrated into GCC.

What you get

The currently available code consists of several programs:

A front end to gcc which is able to read Java ``.class'' files and generate assembly code. gcj is also a convenient front end to jvgenmain. Finally, gcj can read ``.java'' files and generate assembly code or Java bytecode.
A small program to generate an appropriate ``main'' for a Java class.
A program to generate C++ header files corresponding to Java .class files.
Reads a ``.class'' file and prints out all sorts of useful information.
Reads a ``.java'' file and prints some useful information. For instance, it can tell you which classes are defined in that file.

Making executables

In order to make full executables, you'll need to link the output of gcj with the appropriate runtime code. See the libgcj page for details on the runtime.

There are also more detailed instructions on compiling Java programs.

How to get it

The new Java front end is very easy to download and install. Since it is it fully integrated into GCC, you can simply follow the GCC download and build instructions. Note that you'll want to configure GCC to use the appropriate threads system; see the libgcj page for details.

How to try it

Once you've downloaded and installed gcj and libgcj, it is very easy to try a small Java program of your own:

	gcj --main=HelloWorld -o HelloWorld

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