GCC Projects

This is an incomplete list of things you could work on if you want to help develop GCC:

Remember to keep other developers informed of any substantial projects you intend to work on.

Improve the installation procedure

Simpler porting

Right now, describing the target machine's instructions is done cleanly, but describing its addressing mode is done with several ad-hoc macro definitions. Porting would be much easier if there were an RTL description for addressing modes like that for instructions. Tools analogous to genflags and genrecog would generate macros from this description.

There would be one pattern in the address-description file for each kind of addressing, and this pattern would have:

Generalize the machine model

Some new compiler features may be needed to do a good job on machines where static data needs to be addressed using base registers.

Some machines have two stacks in different areas of memory, one used for scalars and another for large objects. The compiler does not now have a way to understand this.