GHM — GNU Hackers' Meetings

GNU Hackers' Meeting 2014 — Munich, Germany

The eighth GNU Hackers' Meeting will take place August 15–17 2014 in Munich, Germany.

The GNU Hackers' Meeting is a friendly, semi-formal forum to discuss technical, social and organizational issues concerning free software and GNU. It is open to all people who have an interest in the GNU Project and its goals.

This year's GHM is hosted by TUM, the Technische Universität München. See the practical information below for how to get there.

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Call for participation

The meeting comprises talks about GNU and its philosophy, and spans three days. It is also a friendly and informal place to meet the hackers actively involved in the GNU Project. If you wish to attend GHM 2014 see the section registration below.

Proposals for talks and presentations are currently open. Presentations may cover a broad range of topics, including, but not limited to:

In the past, the audience has been technically competent, so very technical topics are acceptable. However, the meeting is not limited to technical topics. Presentations aimed at beginners and presentations of a practical or philosophical nature are welcome too. Any subject relevant to helping GNU achieve its aims is within the scope of the conference.

Presentations will be limited to an absolute maximum of 60 minutes including question time. There will also be shorter presentations lasting 30 minutes.

If you have a proposal for a talk please write to giving a brief description, a tentative title. Please also state whether your presentation will require 60 minutes or 30 minutes.


Attendance is free of charge, but prior registration is essential. You can register using the web form or by email.

To register by email, send the following details to

You are welcome to make a small (or large) donation if you want to support future GNU Hackers' Meetings.

The FSF has kindly set up a small fund to help finance documented travel expenses for GNU maintainers and contributors, past and present. Dispersements are approved based upon the applicants' ability to cover expenses from other sources, the extent to which she has contributed to GNU and the total demand upon the fund. If you qualify and you need financial assistance to attend, please mention this fact in your registration e-mail, along with all the relevant details including the minimum amount that would permit you to attend the event, no later than June 13 2014.

Practical information


The meeting takes place in the Leibnitz-Rechenzentrum at the Garching Forschungszentrum Campus of the Technische Universität München.


There are numerous hotels in the vicinity.

Public transportation

Munich is well served by air, rail and road, and getting to the venue from the airport and railway station is possible by the local public transport. See this link.

If you are traveling by car, save money and the planet by bringing a passanger. Use the public mailing list to find a travel partner.


If there is sufficient interest, we will produce custom T-shirts for the meeting. Price will depend upon demand.


We wish to thank TUM who graciously offered to host the meeting.

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