GNU Messenger Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
GNUMessenger::buddyA simple struct to organize buddies coming from the servers
GNUMessenger::ContactManagerThe ContactManager class controls the loading and storing of Contacts within the GNU Messenger framework
GNUMessenger::ContactManager::InvalidFolderAn invalid folder name was used
GNUMessenger::ContactManager::InvalidNodeAn invalid name was used
GNUMessenger::ContactManager::InvalidUserNameAn invalid user name was used
GNUMessenger::CryptoManagerThe cryptography manager class
GNUMessenger::CryptoManager::AlgoErrorThere was an invalid algorythm
GNUMessenger::CryptoManager::AuthFailedAuthentication of data failed
GNUMessenger::CryptoManager::BlockSizeErrorThe block size could not be used with the given cipher
GNUMessenger::CryptoManager::CryptoErrorBase class for cryptography exception
GNUMessenger::CryptoManager::InvalidPasswordAn invalid password was attempted
GNUMessenger::CryptoManager::IOErrorA disk error
GNUMessenger::CryptoManager::KeySizeErrorThe key size could not be used with the given cipher
GNUMessenger::CryptoManager::RNGErrorThere was an error with the random number generator
GNUMessenger::CryptoSessionA very highlevel crypto interface
GNUMessenger::ExceptionException class from CryptoPP
GNUMessenger::ExpatThis class helps us interface with expat. Expat interface
GNUMessenger::Expat::ParseFailureThere was a failure parsing the input
GNUMessenger::LogBaseAbstract base class for all logger classes, provides an interface to a wide character stream and a number stream
GNUMessenger::LogManagerThe log manager is static and persistant--defaults to StdLog
GNUMessenger::LogNullA null logger, logs to nothing
GNUMessenger::MemoryErrorA memory allocation error
GNUMessenger::NetConfIngroup xml NetConf is a network configuration class that wraps an XML data structure
GNUMessenger::NetworkNetwork abstract base class
GNUMessenger::Network::NetworkErrorNetwork Error Exception
GNUMessenger::NetworkServerNetwork listen server class
GNUMessenger::NetworkServer::NetworkServerErrorAn exception class Raised if there is a server socket error
GNUMessenger::PointerErrorA pointer related error
GNUMessenger::ProtocolThe Protocol abstract base class
GNUMessenger::Protocol::InvalidLoginAn invalid login attempt was made
GNUMessenger::Protocol::ProtocolErrorThere was a protocol error
GNUMessenger::ProtocolManagerThe ProtocolManager class is a very important part of the GNU Messenger
GNUMessenger::ProtocolManager::InvalidContactAn invalid contact exception
GNUMessenger::ProtocolManager::InvalidNetworkAn invalid network exception
GNUMessenger::ProtocolManager::NetworkErrorA network error exception
GNUMessenger::ReferenceCounted< T >A reference counted template class
GNUMessenger::scoped_array< T >Boost Scoped Array,
GNUMessenger::SettingsManagerA class that managers the settings of the user currently logged in
GNUMessenger::StdLogLogs to standard out, ie cout
GNUMessenger::UnknownExceptionAn unknown error
GNUMessenger::VBufferA vector based byte buffer class
GNUMessenger::XMLManagerThe XMLManager class controls all of the disk-based XML configuration loading and unloading
GNUMessenger::XMLManager::AuthErrorData authentication failed, usually when decrypting a file and the HMAC is invalid
GNUMessenger::XMLManager::DiskErrorDisk IO failed for some reason
GNUMessenger::XMLManager::InvalidDataInvalid data was discovered
GNUMessenger::XMLManager::PasswordErrorThe password used to access the configuration for a user was invalid
GNUMessenger::XMLNode::InvalidChildAn attempt to access an invalid child was made
GNUMessenger::XMLNode::NodeDestroyedThe XMLNode has been destroyed and no longer holds valid data
GNUMessenger::XMLNode::ParseFailureThe data could not be parsed as XML
GNUMessenger::XMLNode::XMLNodeDataReference counted XML data
GNUMessenger::XMLParserAn XML Parser
GNUMessenger::XMLParser::DiskErrorThere was an error reading/writing from disk
GNUMessenger::XMLParser::ParseFailureThe XML parser could not parse the string
GNUMessenger::YahooPacketA protocol template

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