GNUMessenger::Folder Class Reference

#include <tree.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Folder (const Folder &tree)
 Folder (const string &xml)
virtual const string type () const
virtual const string & name () const
 a virtual function to return a 'name'
virtual XMLNodesetName (const string &name)
 Set tag name.
int countContacts () const
int countFolders () const
Contact addContact (const string &name)
Contact addContact (const Contact &contact)
Folder addFolder (const string &name)
Folder addFolder (const Folder &Folder)
Contact getContact (const string &name) const
Folder getFolder (const string &name) const
Contact contactAt (int index) const
Folder folderAt (int index) const
Folderoperator= (const Folder &other)
 Assignment operator, shallow copy.

Detailed Description

Folder is a smallish class derived from XMLNode. Folder incorperates the idea of users (which are in the Contact-class XML format, see contact.h) and folders in a Folder type. This class is usefull for passing contact Folders from protocols and within the XMLManager class.
Jesse Lovelace

Definition at line 43 of file tree.h.

Member Function Documentation

Folder & GNUMessenger::Folder::operator= const Folder other  ) 

Assignment operator, shallow copy.

other The Contact object to reference this object to.
Definition at line 134 of file tree.cpp.

References GNUMessenger::XMLNode::m_xmlData.

00135 { 00136 other.m_xmlData->ref(); 00137 00138 if (m_xmlData && m_xmlData->deref()) 00139 { 00140 delete m_xmlData; 00141 m_xmlData=0; 00142 } 00143 00144 m_xmlData=other.m_xmlData; 00145 00146 return *this; 00147 }

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