GNUMessenger::NetworkServer Class Reference

Network listen server class. More...

#include <basenetwork.h>

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Public Types

enum  Status { Listening, NotListening, Error }
 Server status.

Public Member Functions

 NetworkServer (PeerProtocol *owner, unsigned int port=3000)
 Default to port 3000 for listen server.
virtual void StartListen ()=0
 Tells the server to start/stop listening, StartListen my throw NetworkServerError.
virtual void StopListen ()=0
virtual bool isIncomming ()=0
 Checks to see if there is an incomming connection.
virtual NetworkgetIncomming ()=0
 Returns a new Network instance if there is a connection. May throw.
virtual int getStatus ()
 Gets listen server status.
virtual unsigned short getPort ()
 Gets the port that server is listening on or zero for no port.
virtual void setOwner (PeerProtocol *protocol)
 Sets owner of server.

Protected Attributes

int m_status
unsigned int m_port

Detailed Description

Network listen server class.

Jesse Lovelace

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