Todo List

Member GNUMessenger::Contact::getOverallStatus () const
Make some ranking of statuses

Member GNUMessenger::ContactManager::deleteFolder (const string &folder_name)
recursively mark children as destroyed

Member GNUMessenger::ContactManager::getContact (const string &contactname)
Determin exception handling

Member GNUMessenger::ContactManager::setInfo (const string &username, const string &infoname, const string &data, const string &childof="")
Clarify this interface

Member GNUMessenger::TocProtocol::addContact (const Contact &c)
Instead this should check with the protocol to see if this new person is online....or maybe this is taken care of after we read in server list.

Member GNUMessenger::TocProtocol::getPubkey ()
move all this into GM sub proto

Namespace GNUMessenger
Stat included solely for use in the exists() function, if portablility becomes a problem will just remove this and do a 'try-to-open' hack -jll

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