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C. Multiple Databases on one host

GNATS can support multiple databases on one host. The options --directory= or -d are available to specify the GNATS database to access for the various tools See section Invoking the GNATS tools.

The GNATS daemon can switch between databases by using the CHDB database command. This will cause the GNATS daemon to access the newly specified database. The daemon will verify that you have access to the requested database as determined by `gnatsd.conf'.

The database should be specified using a fully qualified path name. The file `/etc/gnats-db.conf' can be used to specify aliases for the fully qualified path names. These aliases can be used with the --directory= or -d option or as a database name for the daemon. The following is an example of a `/etc/gnats-db.conf' file.

# list of GNATS databases and aliases
# Field 1 - fully qualified path to database
# Field 2 - a comma separated list of aliases
The `/etc/gnats-db.conf' file name is set in `db_conf.c' at compile time.

The GNATS daemon supports two other commands DBLS and DBLA to list the fully qualified databases and aliases, respectively.

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