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The Problem Report editing buffer

When you invoke a Problem Report editing command, the Problem Report is put into a special editing buffer. The Problem Report is formatted similarly to the query-pr -F output, Formatting query-pr output. Field identifiers are formatted as


with the text of the field following the identifier on the same line for single-line fields or starting on the next line for multi-line fields.

The Problem Report editing mode tries to prevent you from violating the Problem Report format and the constraints put on the possible field values. Generally, you can use usual editing commands, some of them have a slightly modified behavior though. (If you encounter a very strange behavior somewhere, please report it as a bug, Support.)

You can move between fields easily by pressing the TAB (gnats-next-field) or M-TAB (gnats-previous-field) keys.

The field tags are read-only and you cannot edit them nor delete them. If you want to "remove" a field, just make its value empty.

Editing a field value depends on the type of the edited field, Field datatypes. For text fields, you can edit the value directly, assuming you preserve the rule about single-line and multi-line values mentioned above.

For enumerated fields, you cannot edit the value directly. You can choose it from the list of the allowed values, either from the menu popped up by pressing the middle mouse button or from within minibuffer by pressing any key on the field's value. If the pressed key matches any of the allowed field values, that value is put as the default value after the minibuffer prompt. You can also cycle through the allowed field values directly in the editing buffer using the SPACE key. Enumerated field values are marked by a special face to not confuse you; you must have enabled font lock mode to benefit from this feature, Font Lock.

Some field values can be read-only, you cannot edit them at all.

Once you have edited the Problem Report as needed, you can send it to the server with the C-c C-c command (gnats-apply-or-submit). Successful submission is reported by a message and the buffer modification flag in mode line is cleared. Then you can either kill the buffer or continue with further modifications.

Hook run when gnats-edit-mode is entered.