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Querying Problem Reports

Querying the database is performed by the M-x query-pr command. The command prompts for the query expression, Query expressions, and displays a buffer with the list of the matching Problem Reports.

The list of the Problem Reports is displayed in the summary query format, Formatting query-pr output. Currently, the display format cannot be changed and it must output each Problem Report's number in the first column.

The Problem Report list buffer is put in the view mode, Misc File Ops. You can use most of the standard view mode commands in it. Additionally, the following special commands are available:

View the current Problem Report (gnats-query-view-pr), Emacs viewing.
Edit the current Problem Report (gnats-query-edit-pr), Emacs editing.
Update the Problem Report list (gnats-query-reread). The last performed query is executed again and the buffer is filled with the new results.
Perform new query (query-pr).
Send new Problem Report (send-pr), Emacs submitting.
Change the current database (gnats-change-database), Emacs and databases.
Bury buffer, the buffer is put at the end of the list of all buffers. This is useful for quick escape of the buffer, without killing it.

If the value of the variable gnats-query-reverse-listing is non-nil, the listing appears in the reversed order, i.e. with the Problem Reports of the highest number first, in the buffer.

Similarly to other GNATS Emacs modes, there is a hook available for the Problem Report list.

Hook run when gnats-query-mode is entered.