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Index file description

The index section of the dbconfig file lists the fields that appear in the database index. The index is always keyed by PR number. The general format for the index section is

index {
  path "file"
  fields { "fieldname" [ "fieldname" ... ] }
  binary-index true | false
  [ separator "symbol" ]

The path parameter gives the name of the index file in the gnats-adm directory of the database. Only one index is allowed per database, so only one path entry is allowed.

The fields parameter controls what fields will appear, and in what order, in the index. Fields are listed by their names, separated by spaces ( ). Fields will appear in the order they are listed.

The binary-index parameter controls whether the index is supposed to be in plaintext or binary format. Binary format is recommended, as it avoids potential problems when field separators appear as bona-fide field contents.

When plaintext format is used, by setting binary-index false, the symbol (|) is used as a field separator in the index, unless the optional separator parameter is used to redefine the separator character.