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GNATS support

The GNATS home page is located at <>. It contains all the important references to the available information about GNATS and the related software.

There is also a special page dedicated to the GNATS development at <>.

There are several GNATS mailing lists. The most important ones are:
Announcements and other important information about GNATS and the related software. This is a very low volume moderated list.
The bug reporting mailing list on the GNATS itself. Please note that the preferred way to report GNATS bugs is to submit them via the web interface at <>. New bug reports submitted via the web interface are copied to the mailing list automatically.
General discussion about GNATS. Anything related to GNATS (user questions, development, suggestions, etc.) can be discussed there.

The complete list of GNATS related mailing lists is available from the web page at <>.

When you report problems concerning GNATS itself, please do not forget to provide especially the following information:

Providing this information in the initial report avoids further unnecessary communication, saves our limited development resources and helps to track down and fix the problem soon.