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The addresses file

This file contains mappings between submitter IDs and corresponding e-mail addresses.

When a PR comes in without a submitter ID (if someone sends unformatted e-mail to the PR submission email address), GNATS will try to derive the submitter ID from the address in the "From:" header. The entries in this file consist of two fields, separated by a colon:

A valid submitter ID
Part of, or all of the e-mail address to be matched

Here is an example of an addresses file:

# Addresses for Yoyodine Inc
# Addresses for Foobar Inc.

GNATS checks each line in the addresses file, comparing address-fragment to the end of the "From:" header, until it finds a match. If no match is found, GNATS uses the default submitter ID.

You can only have one address fragment per line, but you can have more than one line for a given submitter ID. An address fragment can be a domain (i.e., a machine location (, or a full e-mail address (

GNATS can match addresses in three e-mail formats:

The address by itself without a full name, not enclosed in brackets
From: Real Person <>
A full name (optional, with or without quotation marks), followed by the address enclosed in angle brackets
From: (Real Person)
An address, followed by a name or comment in parentheses

If GNATS sees other e-mail address formats, it uses the default submitter ID.