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Timely reminders

at-pr creates a queued job using at which, after an allotted response time is past, checks the PR to see if its state has changed from open. When the PR is originally filed, file-pr checks the notify-about-expired-prs parameter in the dbconfig file. If this parameter is set to true, file-pr calls at-pr, which sets up the expiry check.

The submitters file contains the response time for each >Submitter-Id: (see The submitters file). The time is determined in business hours, which are defined in the database's dbconfig file (see Overall database configuration).

If the PR is urgent and is still open after the requisite time period has passed, at-pr sends a reminder to the GNATS administrator, to the maintainer responsible for that submitter, and to the maintainer responsible for the PR with the following message:

To: submitter-contact responsible gnats-admin
Subject: PR gnats-id not analyzed in #hours hours

PR gnats-id was not analyzed within the acknowledgment period
of #hours business hours.  The pertinent information is:

 Submitter-Id: submitter
 Originator: full name of the submitter
 Synopsis: synopsis
 Person responsible for the PR: responsible

The GNU Problem Report Management System (GNATS)

The PR is urgent if its priority is critical or if its priority is serious and the severity is high.