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Processing incoming traffic

queue-pr hands off queued Problem Reports to file-pr one at a time. file-pr checks each Problem Report for correct information in its fields (particularly a correct Category), assigns it an identification number, and files it in the database under the appropriate category.

If the Category field does not contain a valid category value (i.e., matching a line in the categories file; see The categories file), the PR is assigned to the default category, as set in the dbconfig file. If there is no default category defined, the PR is given a Category value of pending and is placed in the pending directory. The GNATS administrator is notified of the unplaceable PR.

file-pr assigns the Problem Report an identification number, files it in the GNATS database (under the default, if the Category field contains an invalid category), and sends acknowledgments to appropriate parties. For the default GNATS configuration, the person responsible for that category of problem (see The categories file) and the person responsible for the submitter site where the PR originated (see The submitters file) receive a copy of the PR in its entirety. Optionally, the originator of the PR receives an acknowledgment that the PR arrived and was filed (see Changing your GNATS configuration).

The usage for file-pr is as follows:

file-pr [ -f filename | --file=filename ]
        [ -d databasename | --database=databasename ]
	    [ -h | --help ] [ -V | --version ]

       network options:
        [ -H host | --host=host ]
        [ -P port | --port=port ]
        [ -v username | --user=username ]
        [ -w password | --passwd=password ]

file-pr requires no options in order to operate, and takes input from standard input (normally, the output of queue-pr -r) unless otherwise specified. The options include:

-f filename
Uses filename as input rather than standard input.
-d databasename
Performs refiling operations on database. If this option is left out, the value of the GNATSDB environment variable is used, and if that is undefined, the default database name set when GNATS was built is used (usually default).
Prints the usage for file-pr.
Prints the version number for file-pr.

file-pr can file PRs across a network, talking to a remote gnatsd. The following options relate to network access:

-H host
Hostname of the GNATS server.
-P port
The port that the GNATS server runs on.
-v username
Username used to log into the GNATS server.
-w password
Password used to log into the GNATS server.