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Regenerating the index

If your index file becomes corrupted, or if you need a copy of the current index for some reason, use

gen-index [ -n | --numeric ]
          [ -d databasename | --database=databasename ]
          [ -o filename | --outfile=filename ]
          [ -i | --import ] [ -e | --export ]
          [ -h | --help] [ -V | --version ]

With no options, gen-index generates an index that is sorted by the order that the categories appear in the categories file. The index is generated in plaintext or binary format according to the value of binary-index in the dbconfig file (see Index file description). The results are printed to standard output. The options are:

Sorts index entries numerically.
-d databasename
Specifies the database to index. If this option is left out, gen-index attempts to index the database with name taken from the the GNATSDB environment variable, and if that is undefined, the default database, as set when GNATS was built (usually default).
-o filename
Places output in filename rather than sending it to standard output.
Import the existing index file instead of re-indexing the database.
Force plaintext output.
Prints the usage for gen-index.
Prints the version number for gen-index.