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gnatsd options

The daemon supports the following command-line options:

gnatsd [--database database | -d database]
       [--not-inetd | -n] [--max-access-level level | -m level]
       [--version | -V] [--help | -h]
-V, --version
Prints the program version to stdout and exits.
-h, --help
Prints a short help text to stdout and exits.
-d, --database
Specifies the default database which is to be serviced by this invocation of gnatsd. (The selected database may be changed via the CHDB command; the name set with this option is simply the default if no CHDB command is issued.) If no database is specified, the database named default is assumed. This option overrides the database specified in the GNATSDB environment variable.
-n, --not-inetd
As its name suggests, indicates that gnatsd is not being invoked from inetd. This can be used when testing gnatsd, or if it is being run via ssh or some other mechanism.

This has the effect of using the local hostname where gnatsd is being invoked for authentication purposes, rather than the remote address of the connecting client.

--max-access-level, -m
Specifies the maximum access level that the connecting client can authenticate to. Authentication is as normal but if the user or host authenticates at a higher level, access level is still forced to this level. See Controlling access to databases for details on access levels.