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Handling incoming traffic

The program queue-pr handles traffic coming into GNATS. queue-pr queues incoming Problem Reports in the gnats-queue directory of the database, and then periodically (via cron) passes them on to file-pr to be filed in the GNATS database. See Installing GNATS.

The usage for queue-pr is as follows:

queue-pr [ -q | --queue ] [ -r | --run ]
         [ -f filename | --file=filename ]
         [ -m kbytes | --max-size=kbytes ]
         [ -d databasename | --database=databasename ]
         [ -h | --help] [ -V | --version ]

One of -q or -r (or their longer-named counterparts) must be present upon each call to queue-pr. These options provide different functions, as described below.

Accepts standard input as an incoming mail message, placing this message in an incrementally numbered file in the gnats-queue directory under the database directory (see Where GNATS lives).
Redirects files in the gnats-queue directory into the program file-pr one by one.
-f filename
Used with -q (or --queue), accepts the file denoted by filename as input rather than reading from standard input.
-m kbytes
Do not process messages larger then kbytes kilobytes. Files larger than the limit are left for human intervention.
-d databasename
Specifies database to operate on. If this option is left out, the value of the GNATSDB environment variable is used, and if that is undefined, the default database name set when GNATS was built is used (usually default).
Prints the usage for gen-index.
Prints the version number for gen-index.