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The responsible file

This file contains a list of the responsible parties. Lines beginning with # are ignored. Each entry contains three fields, separated by colons:

A name-tag description of the party in question, such as her or his user name, or the name of the group. This name is listed in the PR in the Responsible field.
The full name of the party ("Charlotte Bronte"; "Compiler Group").
The full, valid mail address of the party. This field is only necessary if the responsible party has no local mail address or alias.

A sample responsible listing might be:

ren:Ren Hoek:
stimpy:Stimpson J.

Here, ren is a local user. stimpy is remote, so his full address must be specified.

The following entry must be present for GNATS to function:

gnats-admin:GNATS administrator:

gnats-admin is usually defined as a mail alias when GNATS is installed, so for this purpose gnats-admin is a local address. However, this line can alos be used to redefine the email address of the GNATS administrator, by adding the desired address at the end of the line.