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3.1.2 How do I rename a category?

Renaming a category requires to touch every PR in that category, because each report contains the name of its category.

To rename category A to B, proceed as follows:

  1. Create a new category B.
  2. Edit every report in category A, changing its category to B. This can be done with any gnats client; check the archives of the help-gnats mailing list for hints about automating this step.
  3. Run gen-index (see Regenerating the index (Keeping Track)) to refresh the index file.
  4. If you are using gnats 4 (or planning to upgrade soon), you should not remove the category A. When a follow-up to an existing PR arrives via e-mail, gnats 4.x checks that both the category and the PR number indicated in the mail exist (this is a sanity check).

    To reduce the risk of new reports being filed to category A, change its description in the categories file to something like obsolete, use category B instead.