gnowser is a client for GNOWSYS server. Once connected to any of the gnowsys servers, it provides both the graphical as well as textual representation of the knowledge base. In the graphical canvas, it represents the persistent knowledge network in the form of maps. In this model the context node is placed at the center with all its neighbouring nodes radially spread around it. The map not only provides a representation of the knowledge base but also serves as a navigator of the network. To achieve this the nodes in the mapare made clickable and in the text view pane they are provided as links. So gnome-gnowser acts as a browser for knowledge networks..

It can also be used as an authoring tool to manage your personal data. So it acts as a framework to collect and organize data systematically to identify patterns and discover relationships. While authoring or organizing knowledge/information one can visually examine connections, perform sophisticated data analysis and arrive at conclusions.

Unlike other desktop applications, gnome-gnowser is not a stand alone application but acts as a client over the Internet and presents a way of creating, viewing and managing knowledge networks. So you can connect to any of the remote GNOWSYS servers and start working around it. To help work collaboratively, a jabber client "gajim" has been integrated so that users can talk with each other while working.

gnome-gnowser is part of the GNOWSYS project, which is an official GNU Project.

Please read more on gnowsys-mode from .

Author: root <root@gnow>

Date: 2010-02-02 18:19:24 IST

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