"gnowsys-mode" is an extension package for the versatile Emacs editor to do collaborative editing. It works as a major-mode for Emacs, it dispels the common impression, that collaborative authoring can be done only through web applications but not from a text editor. It is implemented on top of another popular major mdoe of Emacs, Org mode.

It provides several features and allows you to semantically conceptualize information/knowledge with the ease of a traditional text editor. Peers using gnowsys-mode can collaboratively conceptualize a knowledge domain in the form of an ontology, and collectively maintain it over time. Version management feature of GNOWSYS allows tracking the changes by creating snapshots and maintaining their metadata.

Adhering to the standards of semantic web, GNOWSYS allows to exchange the knowledge in RDF triples. The knowledge created in gnowsys-mode can also be obtained in RDF-N3 format. It also creates concept graphs to visualize the knowledge networks.

gnowsys-mode is an integral part of the GNOWSYS project, which is an official GNU Project.

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Author: root <root@gnow>

Date: 2010-02-02 18:04:56 IST

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