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Packages that use Properties
gnu.crypto.keyring Provides a basic API for managing private and public authentication credentials stored in file objects.  

Uses of Properties in gnu.crypto.keyring

Fields in gnu.crypto.keyring declared as Properties
protected  Properties
          This entry's property set.

Methods in gnu.crypto.keyring that return Properties
 Properties Entry.getProperties()
          Returns this entry's properties object.

Constructors in gnu.crypto.keyring with parameters of type Properties
BinaryDataEntry(java.lang.String contentType, byte[] data, java.util.Date creationDate, Properties properties)
          Creates a new binary data entry.
EncryptedEntry(java.lang.String cipher, java.lang.String mode, Properties properties)
AuthenticatedEntry(java.lang.String mac, int macLen, Properties properties)
PublicKeyEntry( key, java.util.Date creationDate, Properties properties)
PrivateKeyEntry( key, java.util.Date creationDate, Properties properties)
          Creates a new key entry.
PasswordEncryptedEntry(java.lang.String cipher, java.lang.String mode, int keylen, Properties properties)
CertificateEntry( certificate, java.util.Date creationDate, Properties properties)
          Creates a new certificate entry.
PrimitiveEntry(int type, java.util.Date creationDate, Properties properties)
CertPathEntry([] path, java.util.Date creationDate, Properties properties)
CompressedEntry(Properties properties)
EnvelopeEntry(int type, Properties properties)
MaskableEnvelopeEntry(int type, Properties properties)
PasswordAuthenticatedEntry(java.lang.String mac, int maclen, Properties properties)
Entry(int type, Properties properties)
          Creates a new Entry.

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