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Uses of Interface

Packages that use IMode
gnu.crypto.assembly Provides a high-level API for combining and using GNU Crypto cipher, mode, and padding primitives.  
gnu.crypto.mode Provides a basic API for using block cipher Modes of Operation.  

Uses of IMode in gnu.crypto.assembly

Methods in gnu.crypto.assembly with parameters of type IMode
static Stage Stage.getInstance(IMode mode, Direction forwardDirection)

Constructors in gnu.crypto.assembly with parameters of type IMode
ModeStage(IMode mode, Direction forwardDirection)

Uses of IMode in gnu.crypto.jce.cipher

Fields in gnu.crypto.jce.cipher declared as IMode
protected  IMode CipherAdapter.mode
          Our mode instance.

Uses of IMode in gnu.crypto.mode

Classes in gnu.crypto.mode that implement IMode
 class BaseMode
          A basic abstract class to facilitate implementing block cipher modes of operations.
 class CBC
          The Cipher Block Chaining mode.
 class CFB
          The cipher feedback mode.
 class CTR
          The implementation of the Counter Mode.
 class ECB
          The implementation of the Electronic Codebook mode.
 class ICM
          An implementation of David McGrew Integer Counter Mode (ICM) as an IMode.
 class OFB
          The Output Feedback (OFB) mode is a confidentiality mode that requires a unique IV for every message that is ever encrypted under the given key.

Methods in gnu.crypto.mode that return IMode
static IMode ModeFactory.getInstance(java.lang.String mode, java.lang.String cipher, int cipherBlockSize)
          Returns an instance of a block cipher mode of operations given its name and characteristics of the underlying block cipher.
static IMode ModeFactory.getInstance(java.lang.String mode, IBlockCipher cipher, int cipherBlockSize)

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The GNU Crypto project

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