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2.9 gnu-pw-mgr Notes

This program specifies its own configuration file and disallows the use of any other. This file should be modified by running this program and not by editing it. The --seed and --load-opts options cannot be specified on the command line and the --seed option is only recognized in a configuration file.

Password ids should have some always-used prefix and/or suffix glued onto a domain name or some trivial permutation of the domain name. If you forget your password id, then the associated password is irretrievably lost. The prefix and suffix should be easily remembered. If you do not add a prefix or suffix and the configuration file becomes compromised, then you have lost the keys to all your passwords because it becomes trivial to guess password ids.

For example, always prepending ‘_mine_’ to a domain would yield ‘_mine_example.com’ for your password id at ‘example.com’. Password ids are not stored anywhere.

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