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1.5 Sharing a password with someone

Sometimes in a household or with a partnership it becomes necessary to have a common login to some web sites. To accommodate this and to not reveal to your partners how to login to the rest of your world, a new option has been added: --shared. Password seeds will be marked as either being “shared” or not and login ids will also be so marked. The emitted passwords for any login id will only be for those password seeds that match the shared/not-shared setting.

You are expected to transform a domain name into a password id using a method you would share with your partner and not use your personal transformation. To remind yourself that you need to use this alternate password id, you should put a reminder into the --login-id option for the usual domain transform.


Assume you wish to share your ‘nytimes.com’ login. Let’s say your id transformation is to apply “private %s” to your domain names, yielding “private amazon.com” for your normal Amazon login. You should not reveal that to your partner. Instead, you want to use, “shared %s” yielding a password id of “shared nytimes.com”. More likely than not, you will forget. Therefore, do the following:

gnu-pw-mgr --tag first --text \
    'She sells sea shells [...] sea shore.'
gnu-pw-mgr --tag xxx --shared --text \
    'Peter Piper picked [...] did Peter Piper pick?'\

gnu-pw-mgr --log 'multi-user' --shared shared nytimes.com
gnu-pw-mgr --log "private vs. shared" private nytimes.com

now when you try the standard transform of ‘nytimes.com’, you get the reminder, “private vs. shared”. e.g.:

$ gnu-pw-mgr --status private nytimes.com
password id 'private nytimes.com':
  login-id   private vs. shared
$ gnu-pw-mgr --status shared nytimes.com
password id 'shared nytimes.com' (shared password):
  login-id   multi-user
$ gnu-pw-mgr  private nytimes.com
seed-tag     login id hint: private vs. shared   pw:
first        vpEzyiue8oZwb00v

$ gnu-pw-mgr shared nytimes.com
seed-tag     login id hint: multi-user   pw:
xxx          7VB1er/hzJOlydM1
$ cat ~/.local/gnupwmgr.cfg 

  <tag>xxx</tag><ver type=integer>1054726</ver><shared/>
  <text>Peter Piper picked [...] did Peter Piper pick?</text>

  <tag>first</tag><ver type=integer>1054726</ver>
  <text>She sells sea shells [...] sea shore.</text>
<program per_pw_id>
<pwtag id="xWUK3...Pn+p">login-id  = 'multi-user'</pwtag>
<pwtag id="xWUK3...Pn+p">shared</pwtag>
<pwtag id="p5K9i...6tJL">login-id  = 'private vs. shared'</pwtag>

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