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3.1 sort-pw-cfg help/usage (‘--help’)

This is the automatically generated usage text for sort-pw-cfg.

The text printed is the same whether selected with the help option (‘--help’) or the more-help option (‘--more-help’). more-help will print the usage text by passing it through a pager program. more-help is disabled on platforms without a working fork(2) function. The PAGER environment variable is used to select the program, defaulting to ‘more’. Both will exit with a status code of 0.

sort-pw-cfg - sort/merge password config file - Ver. 2.3.2
Usage:  sort-pw-cfg [ -<flag> [<val>] | --<name>[{=| }<val>] ]... \
                [ <cfg-file> ...]
  Flg Arg Option-Name    Description
   -o Fil output         send result to this file
   -d no  default        select default config file for first input file
   -v opt version        output version information and exit
   -h no  help           display extended usage information and exit
   -M no  more-help      extended usage information passed thru pager

Options are specified by doubled hyphens and their name or by a single
hyphen and the flag character.

If no arguments are provided, input arguments are read from stdin,
one per line; blank and '#'-prefixed lines are comments.
'stdin' may not be a terminal (tty).

This program will sort (and merge) the per-domain password attributes.  If
there are duplicate entries, the last entry seen will survive.  The result
will be sorted by password id hash code and option name.  Thus, any file
containing more recent entries should appear last.  If you have updated two
different password ids in two different password configuration files
without having merged them, you may have a merge problem.  You will need to
try to remember what you did.

The "header" portion of the config file (the seeds and the <program...>
marker) are taken from the first config file listed and ignored in the
remaining files.

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