GNU Astronomy Utilities

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11.11.2 Commit guidelines

To be able to cleanly integrate your work with the other developers, never commit on the master branch (see Production workflow for a complete discussion and Forking tutorial for a cookbook example). In short, leave master only for changes you fetch, or pull from the official repository (see Synchronizing).

In the Gnuastro commit messages, we strive to follow these standards. Note that in the early phases of Gnuastro’s development, we are experimenting and so if you notice earlier commits don’t satisfy some of the guidelines below, it is because they predate that guideline.

Commit title

The commits have to start with one short descriptive title. The title is separated from the body with one blank line. Run git log to see some of the most recent commit messages as an example. In general, the title should satisfy the following conditions:

Commit body

The body of the commit message is separated from the title by one empty line. Recall that anyone who has subscribed to gnuastro-commits mailing list will get the commit in their email after it has been pushed to master. People will also read them when they synchronize with the main Gnuastro repository (see Synchronizing). Finally, the commit messages will later be used to update the NEWS file on each release. Therefore the commit message body plays a very important role in the development of Gnuastro, so please adhere to the following guidelines.



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