GNU Astronomy Utilities

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3.1.1 Mandatory dependencies

The mandatory Gnuastro dependencies are very basic and low-level tools. They all follow the same basic GNU based build system (like that shown in Quick start), so even if you don’t have them, installing them should be pretty straightforward. In this section we explain each program and any specific note that might be necessary in the installation.

The most basic choice is to build the packages from source yourself, instead of relying on your distribution’s package management system. While the latter choice is indeed possible, we recommend that you build these dependencies yourself as discussed below. We will send out notifications in the info-gnuastro mailing list, see Announcements when we find out that these requirements are updated.

  1. For each package, Gnuastro might preform better (or require) certain configuration options that your distribution’s package managers didn’t add for you. If present, these configuration options are explained during the installation of each in the sections below. When the proper configuration has not been set, the programs should complain and inform you.
  2. Your distribution’s pre-built package might not be the most recent release.
  3. For the libraries, they might separate the binary file from the header files, see Known issues.
  4. Like any other tool, the science you derive from Gnuastro’s tools highly depend on these lower level dependencies, so generally it is much better to have a close connection with them. By reading their manuals, installing them and staying up to date with changes/bugs in them, your scientific results and understanding will also correspondingly improve.

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