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7.2.1 NoiseChisel changes after publication

NoiseChisel was initially introduced in Akhlaghi and Ichikawa [2015]. It is thus strongly recommended to read this paper for a good understanding of what it does and how each parameter influences the output. To help in understanding how it works, that paper has a large number of figures showing every step on multiple mock and real examples.

However, the paper cannot be updated anymore, but NoiseChisel has evolved (and will continue to do so): better algorithms or steps have been found, thus options will be added or removed. This book is thus the final and definitive guide to NoiseChisel. The aim of this section is to make the transition from the paper to the installed version on your system, as smooth as possible with the list below. For a more detailed list of changes in previous Gnuastro releases/versions, please see the NEWS file131.

The most important change since the publication of that paper is that from Gnuastro 0.6, NoiseChisel is only in charge on detection. Segmentation of the detected signal was spun-off into a separate program: Segment. This spin-off allows much greater creativity and is in the spirit of Gnuastro’s modular design (see Program design philosophy). Below you can see the major changes since that paper was published. First, the removed options/features are discussed, then we review the new features that have been added.

Removed features/options:

Added features/options:



The NEWS file is present in the released Gnuastro tarball, see Release tarball.

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