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8.3 Analyzing matches

GNU Backgammon can analyze your matches for skill and luck. If you have an open match (as a result of playing, loading or importing), the analysis is started by choosing Analyze->Analyze match. You should now see a progress bar at the bottom right corner of the main interface window while the computer is busy analyzing. During this time you won't be able to interact with the program other than to quit the analysis. The analysis is complete when the progress bar disappears and you hear a small sound. Now, you would probably like to view the result of the analysis. This can be done in terms of overall statistics by choosing Analyze->Match statistics, or in detail by browsing through the match. More on these subjects in the upcoming sections.

You can also analyze just the current game, by choosing Analyze->Analyze game. If you're only interested in the analysis of the current move, you can select Analyze->Analyze move.