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3.4 Command line options

The following options control the startup of GNU Backgammon. Most options are available in all versions of GNU Backgammon, but notably, the -w and -t options don't work under MS windows where separate command line and GUI applications exist instead.

GNU Backgammon startup options

     gnubg [OPTION...] [file.sgf]
     Help Options:
     -?, --help                   Show help options
     --help-all                   Show all help options
     --help-gtk                   Show GTK+ Options
     GTK+ Options
     --class=CLASS                Program class as used by the window manager
     --name=NAME                  Program name as used by the window manager
     --screen=SCREEN              X screen to use
     --sync                       Make X calls synchronous
     --gtk-module=MODULES         Load additional GTK+ modules
     --g-fatal-warnings           Make all warnings fatal
     Application Options:
     -b, --no-bearoff             Do not use bearoff database
     -c, --commands=FILE          Evaluate commands in FILE and exit
     -d, --datadir=DIR            Read database and weight files from DIR
     -l, --lang=LANG              Set language to LANG
     -n, --new-weights=N          Create new neural net (of size N)
     -p, --python=FILE            Evaluate Python code in FILE and exit
     -q, --quiet                  Disable sound effects
     -r, --no-rc                  Do not read .gnubgrc and .gnubgautorc commands
     -S, --no-splash              Don't show gtk splash screen
     -t, --tty                    Start on tty instead of using window system
     -v, --version                Show version information and exit
     -w, --window-system-only     Ignore tty input when using window system
     --display=DISPLAY            X display to use